Episode 2

Published on:

2nd Apr 2021

EP2 | Working on your passion and creating your own opportunities (with Ollie Lambert)

Hello, welcome to The Importance of Staying Earnest, the podcast where we discuss the elements of taking on a career in the arts as a young person in the modern day. So sit down, stand up, grab a tea or something stronger, and come with us on our journey to find some direction in our lives.

Today we're talking to Ollie Lambert, a composer, arranger and singer who's philosophy is to stay passionate; get stuff done and create your own opportunities. We also touch on the guilt that can be felt by creatives who feel like they're not doing enough as well as the benefit of developing many strings to ones bow.

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About the Podcast

The Importance of Staying Earnest
The trenches of navigating the creative industries
We're both trying to make our way into creative careers, and we've often discussed with each other what we're going through and how we're doing. As such, we also have a bunch of friends going through the same things. So we're sitting down with a bunch of them. Directors, actors, producers, musicians; all of which are trying to fight their way to doing what they love as a career. We know it's not all sunshine and rainbows and we think it's worth talking about (not to mention there is the occasional piece of sunshine and/or rainbow that's worth celebrating!). So grab a tea (or something stronger) and come along for the ride!